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What if you could end the confusion surrounding digital marketing once and for all and confidently create marketing that drives results?


David Crawford, Fit Pro Marketing 

This will be the best investment you ever make, not only in your business but also in yourself. And the way he shows you how to do it proves why he is the best in the business.

Libby Rothschild, Dietitian Boss

Adam has helped me become more efficient as a business owner.  My business now does over 150K every month with less stress, less overwhelm, and less headaches.

Colin Sauer, The Governance Group

When it comes to creating practical, actionable, and results-producing marketing strategies there is nobody out there better than Adam.

Marketing is the Single Most Important Element to Business Success.

After all, the health of a business depends on its ability to get new customers, and keep them.

And this means you need marketing. Great marketing.

But marketing changes. Fast. 

And with so many different strategies, tools, tips, tricks and hacks to try (not to mention new social media networks coming onto the scene all the time) it's understandable how so few businesses manage to ever "crack the code" and really make digital marketing work for them. 

If you're like most of my students then you probably already know that what got you here isn’t going to be what gets you there.

But with too many options and not enough time in the day to sort through them all you need help to figure out what to do next.

That's why in this program I share with you my best digital marketing strategies, trusted by the following organizations and thousands of other business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers. 

Consider This Your Alternative Marketing Degree

...only better. And faster. And without all that student loan debt.

By The End Of This Program You'll Have Mastered:

Marketing Strategy

You'll discover the proven principles that all great marketing campaigns are built on and learn how to create killer campaigns of your very own. 

Content Marketing

Learn how to tap into a neverending supply of content ideas and create high converting content that makes sales without sounding "salesy" and the secret to overcoming objections in advance.

Social Media Marketing

Identify and target your perfect market online and create the most effective social media marketing campaigns using today's most popular platforms.

Marketing Funnels

Design and build your own automatic customer generating marketing funnel and discover the simple strategy that guarantees profitability right from the very first click. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective and profitable tools available to today's modern digital marketer. This will show you exactly how to make email your email list your most valuable asset. Ever. 

Data & Analytics

Data is what separates the amateurs from the pros. Discover the most important digital marketing metrics to track and create your very own digital marketing metrics tracking sheet.

Above all else…

Digital Marketing Academy will give you the skills, strategy, and resources that will allow you to confidently create marketing that drives results and the ability to grow ANY business.

            Digital Marketing Academy will Transform Your Marketing and it’s Officially OPEN for Enrollment







We just surpassed 200K per month and now have our sights set on 500K months. And if you asked me that 6 months ago, 500K a month probably felt a little out of reach, but now just having seen the growth and seeing what systems need to be in place in order to sustain that growth it seems really doable and we’re really excited about it.

Dave Smith, Online Trainers Federation

Adam is one of the few guys that I’ve encountered in this industry that you can 100% trust to give rock-solid advice every time. You can tell by his enthusiasm and depth of knowledge that he is incredibly passionate about what he does, and it shows up in his results.

Glenn Hoddinott, GS Media

                    What's Inside Digital Marketing Academy


Introduction To Marketing Success

  • Dive straight in with a high level overview of the program, structure, and map out a plan for success.
  • Set early goals and intentions to maximize your experiences and get the absolute most out of the program. 


Digital Marketing Fundamentals

  • Discover the most important elements in Digital Marketing 101
  • Don't just learn, but also see how to apply the principles of Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning and Differentiation
  • Uncover the secret the pros use to do less, but get more from every campaign.
  • Get laser focused on your Ideal Target Market and learn simple but proven market research strategies.
  • Discover the secrets behind "Business Model Optimization " and how to create the most profitable business sequence. 


Content Marketing

  • Discover how to make sales with simple stories using the “Storyselling Structure”
  • Learn how to create the 8 types of highly effective content.
  • Overcome the 7 most common buying objections with your content.
  • Use the "Content Multiplier Formula" and turn 1 piece of content into 12.
  • SEO Basics: Learn how to optimize your content for search engines.


Social Media Marketing

  • Discover what's working on social media right now!
  • Get a crash course on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,  LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok.
  • Learn how to Identify and locate your ideal customers online and create a plan to engage with them there.


Marketing Funnels

  • The art and science of creating an automated customer generating marketing funnel (...this is how you "make money while you sleep")
  • Digital Marketing Math and the secrets that guarantee profitable marketing campaigns.
  • Design a marketing funnel of your very own complete with metrics.


Email Marketing

  • Uncover the 10-key elements to all high-performing marketing emails.
  • Get access to 7-proven email subject line frameworks that get your emails opened.
  • Lecture 30 - 10 Email Marketing Tips To Make More Sales
  • Dive into email marketing automation and software.
  • Follow a simple template and write a 3-part email indoctrination series to welcome people to your email list.


Data & Analytics

  • Discover what separates the amateurs from the pros by understanding digital marketing metrics.
  • Create a digital marketing tracking sheet that you can use for yourself or for others. 
  • Look into the future of digital marketing so you can be prepared for what's coming next.

Plus.... Get Instant Access To These 3 Additional Bonus Marketing Masterclasses


The Modern Marketing Plan

  • A step by step system to attract clients, make sales, and grow your business without being a workaholic or dying of stress!
  • How to come up with a clear, complete, and high converting marketing strategy for anything you want to sell.
  • How to craft a truly irresistible "Godfather Offer" that customers just can't say "no" to.
  • How to identify (and locate) your most perfect and profitable customers.
  • How to read your customer's minds and come up with marketing messages that resonate and relate... every. single. time. 
  • How to design an automatic customer generating machine that brings in new leads, customers, and sales while you sleep.
  • How to know if your marketing is going to work before spending a single penny.


Content Marketing Champion

  • Discover how to attract customers and clients, make sales, and grow your business by making better content.
  • Create content that people WANT to consume and make more sales without being... "salesy"
  • Identify hidden customer "nightmares" they're too afraid to talk about ( you can solve them and look like a hero)
  • My EXACT "7-Part Content Framework" to win the hearts, minds, and wallets of your customers every time.
  • The 8 different kinds of content you NEED in order to build connection, rapport, and relationship.
  • The "P3" Content Repurposing Formula that allows you to turn a single piece of content into 12!
  • How to position yourself as an authority and solution to their problem while still being relatable, authentic, and approachable.


The Perfect Email Script

  • Discover how to write simple emails that your customers WANT to open and read, and that makes sales every time.
  • The 10 Key elements of all high performing emails
  • My "Storyselling Structure" that keeps people engaged and locked in.
  • Conversion CTA's to include in EVERY email that leave your subscribers thanking you for selling to them.
  • Answers to important questions like:
    • "How long should my email be?"/li>
    • "What should I write about?"
    • "How often should I email my list"
    • "How can make more sales without feeling "salesy"?"

Here's What You'll Get...

When you enroll during this limited time period

  • The Entire Digital Marketing Academy Framework: To take you from just getting started to sailing past your goals without guessing your way to success or getting stuck in overwhelm.
  • The Tech Library Full of How-To Videos: where you'll get everything you need to build your foundation and create a seamless marketing system with zero stress.
  • Access to the latest “what’s working now” strategies for content, email, social media, and more.
  • A Set Of Valuable Skills to Predictably Grow ANY Business so you can continue creating winner after winner long after you complete the program. These skills will support your long-term success like nothing else.
  • Plus, instant access to 3 additional bonus marketing masterclasses (The Modern Marketing Plan, Content Marketing Champion, and The Perfect Email Script)

When you add it all up, that’s a total real-world value of over $1800.

But because I’m super excited to welcome you into the Digital Marketing Academy family, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll TODAY for just…







Plus you’ll be backed by a 60-day "BEST MARKETING EVER" money back guarantee

If you’re on the fence or if you’ve been burned by other programs before I want to give you every opportunity to put the strategies inside the Digital Marketing Academy to use so you can see just how easy and exciting it can be to create marketing campaigns that get clicks, sales, and customers.

So I’m taking the industry standard “30-day guarantee” and doubling it, giving you a full 2-MONTHS to go through the trainings, take action on the strategies, and get some real-world results.And know this, whether it's 60-minutes or 60-days from now if you're not happy, then I'm not happy. And if for whatever reason you want your money back you can get it.

And all you need to do is send me an email to [email protected] and I will promptly return every single penny. You can only make this kind of guarantee when you're confident that what you have is the real deal and I'm very confident that when you sign up here, you are going to get exactly what you need to create some of the best marketing in the world.

I know Adam and how brilliant he is and how he has some real time-tested methods. So I'm always interested in speeding up my learning curve. But also, Adam operates at a level of integrity that I appreciate. And integrity is really my number one core value.

Ben McLellan, Empowered CEO

                What Your Fellow (Current & Aspiring) Digital Marketers Asked Before Signing Up For The Digital Marketing Academy...

Did You Know?

According to Linkedin, Digital Marketing is the most in-demand skill to have in 2022 and the industry is growing every year.

The Digital Marketing Market will be at $460 Billion in 2022, Says Beroe Inc.

Forbes found the majority of business growth still comes from the foundational tools in digital marketing.

If you’re ready to create marketing that drives results let’s get started today!







We have made such progress in our business, it’s grown significantly and has generated way more revenue. We’re hitting our biggest revenue numbers to date. Even one of our clients had their biggest month at 200K off the back of the advice we received from Adam.

Alex Povey, Sevecta Media

Don’t let another year go by before you figure out digital marketing

If you've made it this far then the odds are good that you know the importance of digital marketing.

The amazing news is that great marketers aren't born, they're trained.

This means that mastering digital marketing isn't just a possibility... but with the right training is 100% doable.

And now is the time to do it. With more people online today than ever before and the importance (and power) of digital marketing increasing every day, if you want to remain competitive you need an effective digital marketing strategy.

Enrolling in the Digital Marketing Academy will help you do that. 

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