Grow Your Business, Attract Perfect Clients, And Generate More Sales... With YouTube™.


You’ve built an online business. You’re good at what you do. You care about the people you serve. And you get results.


Now it’s time for you to press record, share your message, and grow your business.

Because, let's face it — you're not here to play small...

Creating Disposable Content

Staying stuck on the content creation hamster wheel, constantly feeding the social media algorithms with more content, more posts, and more stories - all of which last for 24-48 hours at best! 

Staying Silent & Invisible

Keeping your message to yourself, staying silent, sitting, waiting, and hoping that clients will magically find you is a losing game. If you build it, they may come... but probably not. 

Getting Stuck & Stalled

Video content marketing works by helping you reach more of your perfect clients, build trust and rapport better than text or audio, and ensures your business grows and is always in demand... and YouTube™ is the best place to do it.

Cody Burch, One Hour Funnel

Cody teaches people how to grow their business with funnels and Facebook Ads.

He is also the author of One Hour Funnel: Nine Steps to Creating Your High-Converting, Profitable Sales Funnel In Only An Hour, and the creator of the One Hour Funnel System.


If you’re like me, what really matters is growing your business (...not vanity metrics like "subscribers" or "likes")

Imagine recording just ONE simple video a week and waking up to...

Amazing perfect fit clients that are pre-sold and committed to working with you. And only you. 


Watching clients and sales roll in on autopilot (...even when you sleep) from videos you recorded months ago.

A targeted marketing channel that diversifies and protects your business and fuels your growth. 

Reaching thousands (even MILLIONS) of people. Making an impact. And being paid to help and serve. 

I created the Video Brand Builder for you - the online business owner who wants a simple way to grow their their business and generate new clients and sales on YouTube™


...without wasting hours on social media, hiring an expensive team of videographers, or spending a single penny on advertising.

Libby Rothschild, Dietitian Boss

Libby is a registered dietitian nutritionist and social media marketing expert who helps inspire female registered dietitians to attract cash paying clients in their private practice.


There are people out there who need your help — they just need to find you. Let's make it easy for them to do that.


Video Brand Builder

Strategize, execute, and scale a business growing, client generating, revenue producing YouTube™ channel and video marketing strategy.


One that positions you as the go-to leader in your market, secures your future, and (the best part) ensures you never run out of clients again.


Here's How It Works...

Module 1: Set Up To Scale

  • Get the tech sorted quickly, and easily so you can hit the ground running (the whole process takes less than 20 minutes)
  • Optimize your channel the right way and set yourself up for success right from the start.
  • Discover the differences between a personal channel and a brand channel (and which one is best for you)
  • Put the foundational pieces in place to allow for rapid growth.

Module 2: Growth Game Plan

  • Discover how to harness the power of the video marketing to grow your business (and why YouTube is the best place to do it)
  • Learn the strategies that allow you to turn a small channel into big profits. 
  • Get the YouTube™ algorithm to work in your favor by giving them the only 2 things they care about (these are what are required to get YouTube™ to promote your channel for you)
  • Learn why 99% of channels fail (and the simple way to join the 1% that succeed)
  • Simple monetization strategies that allow your YouTube™ marketing to pay for itself.

Module 3: Video Marketing Machine

  • Uncover your ideal target markets biggest pains and problems (so you can create videos that solve them)
  • Discover the 5 Levels of targeting (and why traditional marketing approaches often fail here)
  • Ethically copy your competitors best performing videos so you can hit the ground running with proven winners.
  • Learn how to decide which videos will succeed, and which will fail - before you even press record.

Module 4: Conversion Content

  • Get access to the EXACT script and template we use to attract viewers and turn them into clients.
  • Discover the 8 key components every single high performing YouTube™ video has in common (and the exact order to present them in)
  • Learn the 3 most important elements that determine your videos success (they all happen before someone even watches a single second of your video)
  • Prove you can help people, by actually helping them (using the 4-types of Authority Amplifier content)
  • Create thumbnails that stop the scroll and get clicked (giving you more opportunities to share your message)

Module 5: Record For Revenue

  • Choose the perfect camera and microphone setup for your budget (none, low, medium, and high)
  • Learn the single most important factor that determines your videos quality (hint: it’s NOT the camera…)
  • Learn film secrets like framing, background, and lighting (and master the basics in just 15 minutes)
  • Recording secrets that instantly make you more likeable, trustworthy, and relatable.

Module 6: Edit For Impact

  • How to edit your videos quickly, easily, and painlessly
  • Editing hacks that keep viewers engaged, watching, and primed to take action
  • Outsourcing strategies to find A-Level editors for budget friendly prices
  • The exact job description we use to hire editors (and have them line up out the door to work with you)

Module 7: Attract & Convert

  • How to upload and optimize your video so YouTube™ will put it in front of your perfect clients
  • How to take advantage of the tools YouTube™ gives you to get more views, subscribers, and ultimately… more clients.
  • How to navigate your analytics to find your best performing videos - so you can make more of them. 
  • How to split-test your titles and thumbnails to find winning combinations.

Ben McLellan, Empowered CEO

Ben helps six and seven-figure business owners become empowered CEOs.

His approach, fine-tuned after 10+ years with 1000+ business owners, and as Client Success Director and COO for multimillion dollar companies, leads with integrity and delivers results.


Video Brand Builder


Instant Access


Grow Your Business With YouTube

Strategize, execute, and scale a business growing, client generating, revenue producing YouTube™ channel and video marketing strategy.

One that positions you as the go-to leader in your market, secures your future, and (the best part) ensures you never run out of clients again.

This ain't Hollywood!

If you have a mobile phone you have all the gear you need to get started!

Most phones today shoot video quality of at least 1080p (perfect for YouTube), and many shoot 4K (which is more than you need for YouTube).

Nothing’s worse than a bunch of fancy marketing that looks great - but does nothing to bring in new clients and sales.

This is why our focus is on real tangible business metrics like leads, clients, and sales (...not vanity metrics like subscribers, views, or "likes")

You're an Entrepreneur... NOT an Editor.

This is why we're going to show you EXACTLY how to find, hire, and train A-Level editors for budget friendly prices.


As well as give you an over the shoulder look at how to DIY it so you or your team can dive in if that's your jam.

Hey, I’m Adam Erhart

Marketing Strategist, YouTube™ marketer, and creator of the Video Brand Builder.

I truly believe that marketing is the single most important element to business success, that video is the most effective kind of marketing today, and that YouTube™ is the absolute best platform to build, grow, and scale an online business...

...which is why it's such an honor to get to share everything that I've learned after having been in this game for nearly a decade now. 

It's my goal here to help you achieve the same things I've done for myself, my clients, and my students - build a profitable, enjoyable, and effective YouTube™ marketing strategy that helps grow your business and spread your message.



Avery Lynch, Clever Profits

CleverProfits is a virtual accounting firm helping agencies, coaches, and creators build better businesses with fractional CFO and tax advisory services.


Let's Talk About The Elephant In The Room... YouTube™ Ads

This program is focused 100% on organic YouTube™ Marketing (ie, not paid YouTube™ advertising).

Because, while YouTube™ Ads can be an amazing, valuable, and profitable marketing tool... the best YouTube™ Ad campaigns are supported first by a solid organic YouTube™ strategy.

So let's get that dialed in first!

Situation #1

You Are Currently Running YouTube™ Ads

If you are already running YouTube™ Ads, then adding an organic YouTube marketing component to your strategy is an easy win that will lead to better results (knowing what videos, topics, and hooks will perform well), warmer audiences (that you can retarget), and an all around higher ROI.

Situation #2

You Are Not Running YouTube™ Ads... Yet

If you're not yet running YouTube™ Ads, an organic YouTube™ strategy is the best place to start. Because... YouTube™ ads require YouTube videos, your organic strategy will guide your paid ads strategy, and establishing a solid organic presence will lead to better performing and higher ROI ad campaigns in the future. 

Here’s what other business owners are asking.